Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Target Marketing at its Best

Marketing is one of my favorite things. When I watch TV, flip through a magazine or visit a good webpage, I praise good marketing...especially target marketing. I have learned over the years that it never hurts to play to an audience when you are trying to sell something. I found myself in stitches and, dare I say, impressed when I saw this charming for-sale-by-owner sign being covered by the news.

If this isn't target marketing, then I don't know what is! After I picked myself up off the floor, I couldn't help but think this woman, though somewhat bitter, is a genius! Her sign not only appeals to a slew of potential buyers, but got her on every major news source in the US! I found a few other signs I liked that I hope you can get a kick out of also.

Though my tastes are refined, I can drink a beer with the best of 'em! This sign makes me want to call up the sellers and take them out for a cold one.
Believe me, if you have something to sell, you have something to market. Find your audience and sell to them. No need to please the masses...they are not going to buy your house.