Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your sofa is from IKEA? Really?

I get ecstatic when you find a great piece of furniture at a bargain price. Although I didn’t exactly find this bargain myself - Two of my favorite decorating bloggers did! {Both are local Houston gals.} To say these women have a great sense of style would be an understatement.  I was impressed to find each blog featuring great decorating advice using a sofa at a price tag of $399.00. How can you go wrong?  The Ektorp white linen sofa featured in both blogs comes from the Swedish Mecca of cheap furniture, IKEA!
{photo: morning-t}
I love a business/decorator that can think in an innovative and economical way. I found Cote de Texas author/decorating genius, Joni Wise’s use of the sofa for her college daughter’s new digs charming. And Morning T blogger’s home re-do was nicely complemented by the inexpensive piece. Featured on Cote de Texas, Bemz is a company where you can order chic slipcovers for the IKEA Ektorp line. I am loving all the options the designer fabric's at Bemz can supply.
 {photo: cote de texas}
 I am still completely blown away with the luxury and comfort of this reasonably priced sofa. The simplicity is unparalleled and the decorating possibilities endless. All I have to say is my couch is getting replaced this weekend!!!
{photo: cote de texas}


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