Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hopes for 2011

What am I hoping for in the 2011 real estate market? Read on!

I'm hoping that big banks will hire and actually train people to man their loan department. When you have a closing on the 30th of the month, they don't get to choose which month that will be in!! I sometimes wonder if they are all comatose. They need to get a few realtors in there to explain how they can make all these processes run more smoothly.

I'm hoping that when I say I am a realtor, people will not assume I was fired as a used car salesman and decided to take up real estate instead. If you're doing it right and working hard, this is a hard business!

I'm hoping that lending requirements will change only one time per year. No more weekly changes. Nobody seems to know what part of the government puts in the changes, and sometimes I think they are being made up by some group that wants to see what happens if you send out a bogus emails! Like the email from Nigeria with $1,000,000 in the bank! Could it be the same group?

I'm hoping that appraisers will actually turn down appraisals when they're not familiar with the area. When I had to give the appraiser from Sealy (nothing against Sealy) directions to Hunters Creek, well, I knew I was in trouble!!

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