Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Southern Living in the City

While I’m most certainly not writing this blog to promote my listings, this home is so beautiful and so reminiscent of the sophisticated, French-inspired Southern Living aesthetic that’s been on my mind so much lately—I had to share it!

My friend Deborah’s home was already one of my favorites out of the whole Memorial area. It’s stately and sweet, and Deborah reflects her home’s charm out to everyone she meets. She even calls me “sugar”—and trust me, in real estate, having a client that calls you “sugar” will turn the worst day into a great one. Look at how gorgeous this porch is: whenever I go to Deborah’s, I make sure to get there early so I can have some time to sit out there and sip from my imaginary thermos of mint juleps.

The lovely paneled walls in Deborah’s home remind me of the panels in the home I sold to Ruth Gay, who owns Chateau Domingue (an architectural boutique carrying distinctive, impeccably curated, antique found objects). Ruth has spectacular taste that she used to just transform her home; she saw the potential in the paneling and painted it a beautiful French blue and pale lavender.
If you have the vision, these small details can be used to give your home a real touch of atmosphere. Ruth’s house feels like an old French chateau, or maybe a breezy country farmhouse. Deborah’s home feels like a charming Southern retreat. What do you want your home to feel like?

To get some ideas, visit one of my favorite blogs: Cote de Texas. It’s all about incorporating thoughtful, sophisticated design into your Texas home, mixing vintage and antique with modern for some extraordinary results! If you’ve never looked at this blog, you’ll thank me. We could all use a touch of classy Southern Living in our lives!

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