Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet the Smiths

Several years ago I was introduced to the Reggie and Leigh Smith. Reggie, a partner with King and Spalding Law Firm, was referred to me by a friend from Atlanta. The family was relocating to Houston  to open a a new firm and needed to find a place. Three houses and many years later, the Smiths have created a beautiful River Oaks haven.

I am absolutely blown away by their home. Reggie and Leigh have taken a traditional Southern home and splashed it with some of the most incredible art. I have to confess my ignorance; I know absolutely nothing about contemporary art! But, I do know that I love the overall aesthetic their pieces create for a room. I also love the way Reggie and Leigh embrace antiques and traditional architecture and make them seem completely new.  

Leigh's taste for design is only matched by her dynamic personality. She has a charming southern accent where she can turn a 1 syllable word like "book" into a 3 syllable word,"BOO-OO-UHK." She's not pretentious at all, instead of cruising around in a fancy Mercedes, she drives an adorable mini cooper! I feel like her decorating taste reflects her free-spirited and distinctive character. The home exemplifies how contemporary and southern can be beautifully and uniquely melded. The decorating by Terry Prather is breath-taking and inspiring. Enjoy. 

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{all photos by:Jack Thompson}

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